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The enrollment deadline for Spring 2017 is Friday, January 27th by 4pm.



NSCS Summer Research Program (NSCS SRP)

The Neuroscience and Cognitive Science program has been designated the recipient of funding from a non-profit organization to establish a 12-week summer research program that will give more NSCS students a paid opportunity to work in a lab for the summer.  Fifteen students were chosen to participate in the program over the summer of 2014, 17 participated in summer 2015, and another 17 participated in summer 2016. Future iterations of this program will depend on aquiring the necessary funding.

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NSCS Undergraduate Research Award

The NSCS Program offers a research funding opportunity for NSCS majors. Applications are accepted twice a year to help support research-related funding needs. The funds available to support these research awards were raised by former and current NSCS students through various fundraising efforts.

NSCS Undergraduate Reseach Award Application

Submit applications to Becca Van Sickler, NSCS Program Coordinator.


How to Get Involved in Research

Undergraduate research is prized on the UA campus.  Students who engage in research typically strengthen their understanding of the science in their field through hands-on experience and also become members of a strong community of students, faculty and researchers who share their interests and work together to pursue intriguing questions.  Research helps students to develop important skills in critical thinking, in teamwork, and in communication.  Note that students in the Honors program are required to have at least a year of research experience in order to graduate with Honors in the NSCS major.

Please read through each of the following pages for more information on how to get involved in lab research:


Considerations in thinking about doing lab research

Finding a Lab

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