NSCS Summer Research Program

The Neuroscience and Cognitive Science program has been designated the recipient of funding from a non-profit organization to establish a 12-week summer research program that will give more NSCS students a paid opportunity to work in a lab for the summer.  The deadline for applying is February 1. The program runs from May 19 through Aug 24.


We have stipends available for 15 NSCS students. Students will be applying through the Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) portal  https://ubrp.arizona.edu/programs/, but applications will be reviewed separately by an NSCS selection panel.  Similar criteria will be used in the selection process and students who have had little or no lab experience are encouraged to apply.  If chosen, you will access the list of possible sponsors, determine for whom you might be interested in working, and then contact those faculty members for interviews.  If you know of a faculty member with whom you would like to work but who is not on the list, you can request that we invite them to be a sponsor.  The only requirement is that the faculty member be carrying out NSCS-related research.  The final decision on whether you are asked to join a particular lab belongs to the faculty member and commitments must be made by March 25.

Students will be expected to work 40 hrs/week for 12 weeks of the 14 available in the program period, but about 40 hrs of the first week and a half will be devoted to orientation and a boot camp experience. That first week and a half are required.  Students are strongly discouraged from taking summer school classes.

Here’s what students in the program will have available, in addition to their stipends:

·         a small pot of money for which students can apply that can be used for student travel to present their work, for field work, or for research supplies/user fees/small equipment,

·         every-other-week seminars (with UBRP students) with 1 or 2 of the seminars being NSCS-related,

·         every-other-week small group meetings with MBB faculty,

·          an orientation boot camp (clinical imaging, electrophysiology, genomics, and microscopy), and

·         an end-of-summer poster session. 

Our summer program will be run administratively through UBRP and UBRP summer program opportunities, such as field trips and the ethics retreat, will also be available to students in our NSCS summer program. 

If you are interested, go to https://ubrp.arizona.edu/programs/ and scroll down to find the link to the NSCS Summer Research Program.  Read the information there carefully, including information about UBRP in general.  If you are interested, go to the home page and click the link on the bottom right “How do I apply.”  Once at the online portal, make sure you are applying to the NSCS program.  Pay special attention to the personal statement; it carries enormous weight in the committee’s decisions.  Finally, you can apply to both programs, but if accepted by both will have to decide between the two.

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