Congratulations to Naomi Rance, Receives NIH Grant

Naomi Rance, MD, PHD, Awarded $1.5 Million Grant from the NIH

Dr. Naomi Rance is the recipient of a $1.5 million R01 grant from the National Institute on Aging.  Dr. Rance is Professor and Associate Head of the Department Pathology; with joint appointments in Neurology, Cellular and Molecular Medicine and the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute.  Dr. Rance divides her time between Clinical Neuropathology, research in Neuroendocrinology and teaching in the College of Medicine.

This 5-year award is entitled, "The role of preoptic NK3R neurons in the estrogen modulation of body temperature," Hot flushes are the most common and distressing symptom of menopause, yet there is virtually no understanding of their cause.  This grant will study the neural circuits for estrogen regulation of body temperature from a basic science perspective.  The overall goal is to understand how estrogen withdrawal leads to hot flushes.  Ultimately this information could be used for designing targeted therapies.

Published Date: 

08/26/2014 (All day)

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